Chowdahead Growth Fund

"We take The Growth of your Start-up Very seriously, (much More so than we take ourselves)."

Why should you, (driven and soon-to-be-successful tech founders), want to work with chowdaheads like us?

Because we'll roll-up our sleeves and work at your side to earn success.  We've had a win or two, [and a few spectacular losses], and over time, we've learned a few lessons.  And if you'll allow us to, we'll share some of those lessons with you.  If you already have everything all figured out, that's cool, but perhaps you should look for advice/investment elsewhere.  

Chowdahead's team focuses on mentoring first and foremost.  We've run big companies and small.  If we work well together, we'll invest and help you find other seed investors, (we've helped our founders raise $1.42B in new investment). Over time, we'll maintain our involvement as a resource to your management team.  

You'll see from our portfolio companies that we predominantly invest in tech companies that scale well.  If you are not a tech company, then we can't help you. Sorry. We especially like internet & tech start-ups that are focused on doing "the right things right" [social entrepreneurism].

So if you are comfortable with our approach, tell us about yourself and your vision of building the next great company.