Our Approach to Investing

Chowdahead Growth Fund

We are rarely the smartest people in the room, [we've mentioned we're chowdaheads, right?].  But we know what we like to invest in:

  1. Great teams [What has your team accomplished? How much have you worked together?]
  2. Huge TAMs [How big is your total addressable market? If this isn't greater than 1 billion people, shouldn't it be?]
  3. Sustainable differentiation [How will you prevent GOOG, FB or AAPL or anyone else from copying your idea?]
  4. Scale [Can you build it once and sell it a few billion times?]
  5. Customer traction [What problem do solve for your customers - and when will they buy such a solution?  What has been your progress with these customers?]


​​Does your company have each of these five criteria for investment?  If not, no worries.  Work on it for a while and then send us a note when you do.  

We want your idea, your company/effort, and you, personally, to succeed.  So we don't hammer you with big egos or other assorted BS. We will help you jump-start, grow and succeed [if we can.]  If we can't, we'll tell you why and wish you the best of luck.   

Want some advice?  Send us a note.  But remember, you're asking a chowdahead, so expect some irreverence and occasionally a bit of iconoclasm.